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Hello Fellow Skiers!

Much has been said regarding our recent State Championships, and it was all a blast!

For those that were not there, please be advised that Dr. Eric Kelly  and the Patriot Lake skiers hosted a fantastic weekend of skiing for everyone that was involved!!! As stated in previous emails from Joy and Eric, 3 new state records were set!!!

What has not been said is that on Eric’s third and final JUMP OF THE OPENING DAY, Eric was in the process of executing a beautiful ¾ cut into the ramp when he (I believe) was trying to miss the ramp and actually ALMOST HIT THE RAMP ON HIS HEINEY AND SCARED THE HEART OUT OF EACH AND EVERYONE OF US THAT WERE WATCHING!!!

He successfully came to a stop without damaging anything except the spectator’s hearts!!!!

Good luck to all skiers at the Regionals in Tuscaloosa and the Nationals in West Palm Beach!!!

Hope to see everyone at the David Moffit Memorial tournament at Twin Oaks lake in Paducah!

With Highest Regards, I am

John Fowler

46th Kentucky Lake Open

The 46th Kentucky Lake Open was hosted by the Kentucky Lake Ski Nuts on Saturday, June 15th, at Twin Oaks Lakes in Paducah.  On Wednesday through Friday preceding the tournament, the Ski Nuts hosted our annual Junior Development 3-day ski school.

In spite of a number of competing tournaments around the region, and a few injuries to skiers who would have otherwise participated, we hosted an essentially full KLO this year.  Fourteen skiers signed up for 99 pulls, making for a long (but efficient) day of skiing.  We had an unusually large number of 3-event skiers, with all 14 competing in slalom, 11 of the 14 skiing in tricks, and 8 competing in jumping.  A blustery day would have made for poor skiing conditions on most lakes, but Twin Oaks remained calm throughout the day with winds consistently out of the south and southwest.

Highlights of the competition included:
  • Wyatt Fowler of Crestweed (KY), skiing in the Boys 2 division, had PB’s in both slalom (5 @ 22 off) and jumping (55 feet). 
  • Brother Troy Fowler had a PB in jumping with a 47-foot leap.
  • Older brother Garnett Fowler (Crestwood, Men 1) had a PB in jumping with a leap of 118 feet.
  • Ethan Shockley of Gallatin (TN), skiing in Boys 2, had his personal best in slalom, twice running 5 at 15 off.
  • Dan Larson, visiting Twin Oaks from Swerve Ski School (Manchester, TN), became the most recent addition to the “Century Club” with a distance in Round 1 of exactly 100 feet.  He improved on that in Round 3, sailing 107 feet.
  • Michael Bullock, headmaster at Swerve, had the top slalom performance of the day, running 3 @ 38 off in Round 2.
  • Pat Coomes had one of his better jumps in the recent past with a leap of 85 feet, which also established a new state record in Men 7 jump.
  • Errol Bryant, skiing in Men 9, had solid performances in both slalom (2 @ 22 off) and tricks (940 points).
  • Anna DeNeut, a former assistant at Swerve, had solid performances in all three events.  More importantly (at least to the Ski Nuts), she provided us with an additional 3-event driver to help the tournament run smoothly and efficiently.

The Kentucky Lake Open was first held at Moor’s Camp on Kentucky Lake in 1974, and has been held continuously ever since, making it one of the longest uninterrupted sanctioned tournaments in the country.


Hello fellow Kentucky Skiers

      I want to invite you to participate in the 2019 Kentucky State Championships.  This year, the Patriot Lake Crew will host the tournament for the first time and we plan to add a few things that should make the tournament a lot of fun.  Patriot Lake in Scottsville, KY is a record capable site that has a park like setting and is very close to restaurants and stores.

     The tournament will be FREE.     Yes, you heard it correctly.  There is no entry fee.  Please register online though as early as possible so we can make plans.  We want to do this, first to encourage participation from people who usually don't participate and second to raise a little money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  Type 1 Diabetes has significantly impacted our skiers.  We want to put an end to this disease.

      Bring another skier....we ask that every skier bring someone with them to ski who does not normally come to tournaments.  We all have skiers in our area who have not ever been in a tournament or those who have not skied in a tournament in a while.  A free tournament to benefit a good cause should be good persuasion to come.  Don't wait to invite someone until this summer.  Call and tell them they are coming, today.  We would even invite those who are novices at any level to participate in a practice clinic on Friday evening or Saturday evening.  They can join USA Waterski for a One Day $7 fee and pay $20 practice fee and try it out.(May not jump).  Remember those who participate in the State Championships will have to join USA Waterski and the Kentucky Waterski Federation.

                                 CALL ME AND TELL ME WHO YOU WILL BE BRINGING!

     On Site Camping is Permitted and Encouraged.  Primitive camping is available and everyone should consider the fellowship and fun that comes with this.  Also please bring your dogs.  They will like it just as much as you will.  We will have floats and paddle boats for swimming,etc.

      There will be a fun banquet Saturday night which has not been planned at this point.  All skiers and friends are encouraged to attend.  The Kentucky Waterski Federation business meeting and awards will be held during the banquet.

      World Class Skiing Conditions..........we guarantee everything will be perfect, weather permitting.   If you have any questions or ideas please contact Eric Kelley 270-991-3139