Cave Lake Event Park

Cave Lake Event Park is located between Burnside and Monticello, KY.  The owner of the site
is Nick Cooley.  Cave Lake is the new home of the Cumberland Skiers who held the site’s first
waterski tournament there in late 2004.  It has a three-story pavilion on site that makes a
perfect haven from the hot sun or rain.  The site a spectators dream, with a great view of
skiing from anywhere around the lake.  Cave Lake is presently a slalom only site, but plans
are being made to be a three event.  Contact Alex Godsey    

Cruise’s Creek Lake

Cruise’s Creek Lake is a beautiful site in Northern Kentucky near the City of Walton.  The
owners of the site are Tom Bolger and Bob and Donna Archambeau.  The site became three
event ready in 2003, with the addition of a jump and an awesome judging/observation
tower.  The Kentucky State Championships were held there for the first time the same year.  
Tom Bolger

Kentucky Lake Ski Nuts

Twin Oaks Lake is a world class site located just off I-24 near Paducah, KY.  The owners of
this site are Joe and Cathy Burkhead.  It is the home of the Kentucky Lake Ski Nuts club,
named from their former ski haven on Kentucky Lake.  As the name might suggest, it is a twin-
lake horseshoe shaped site that has hosted the State Championships as well as the
Southern Regionals Waterski Tournament on several occasions.  Twin Oaks Lake was
designed and built by Joe specifically for three event waterskiing, and it shows.  Contact

Rough River Watersports Club

Rough River Lake is a state owned public lake, near Leitchfield, Ky.  There are two courses
that are open to the public.  We encourage new users to ask any of the skiers about driving
or skiing these courses.  Contact
Ed Sorace

Stillwater Lake Ski Club

Stillwater Lake is located just north Shelbyville, Ky near the town of Eminence.  The owners of
the site are Leon and Fran Leonard and Paul and Rhonda Fister.  It is a very, nice three event
site and one of the stops for the Kentucky Waterski Championships.  It is well protected from
wind and tends to yield some very impressive slalom performances.  Contact
Leon Leonard
or go to

Taylorsville Lake

Taylorsville Lake is a state owned public lake, near Taylorsville.  There is one slalom course
near the marina.  Everyone is encouraged to use the course.  If you see a tournament ski
boat, please ask them about running the course.  Contact
Hartley Davidson
Kentucky Lakes & Ski Clubs
Public Lakes in Kentucky
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Barren River
Cave Run
Cumberland  (slalom courses)
Dale Hollow
Green River
Rough River  (slalom courses)
Taylorsville  (slalom course)
If you want to ski in Kentucky, there are
Several of these public lakes even offer slalom
courses!  Ski club members can usually be
spotted in tournament type boats.  We
encourage you to ask any of them for advise
on how to drive and ski a slalom course.

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