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Kentucky is very proud of our Junior team!  They work hard and put a lot of effort into improving, so the Federation invests in them with resources to help them achieve their goals.  The results are totally clear.  KY currently has 7 from our Junior ranks skiing collegiately.  The medal count at the Regionals and Nationals continues to grow.  Although we would love to have even more Juniors, we do have a good number in the pipeline who are very competitive in their divisions and we expect great results from them this summer.
Pictured above are 11 of the 14 juniors, plus lead instructor Stephen Seal, who took part in this year's Advanced Juniors Clinic
  1. Troy Fowler - B1

  1. Austin Collins - B2
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Lake Jones - B2
  1. Wyatt Fowler - B2
  1. Austin Stomberger - B2
    From Crestwood, KY, Austin is 12 years old and skis in the Boys 2 Division.  He is a student at East Oldham Middle School, where he is an honor student and a member of the National Junior Beta Club.

    Austin has been skiing since the age of seven, so he is a relative rookie in the sport.  But he has already accomplished winning state titles in 2014 in tricks and overall, with a second place finish in slalom that same year. 

  2. His favorite event is slalom, and he hopes to improve his personal best performance to a full pass at 32 mph/15 off while at the Advanced Junior Ski Clinic in Paducah this June (current PB is a full pass at 30 mph/15 off).

    He spends most summer weekends at Rough River Reservoir with dad Nick and mom Jennifer, skiing with other members of the Rough River Water Ski Club.  Little brother Vincent has just turned 18 months, so it won’t be long before he’ll be joining Austin on the water.  From conversation with Nick, it seems apparent that his “mentor” is Mark Coomes.

    Austin’s other favorite sport besides water skiing is Lacrosse.  He is currently a member of the South Oldham Lacrosse Club, and in his last year with this organization, as he’ll be moving up to high school competition next year.
  1. Devin Streater - B2
Betsy McKune - G3
  1. Chloe Kelley - G3
  1. Garnet Fowler - B3
Saylor Davidson - G3
Kassidy Hawkins - G3
  1. Andrew Streater - B3
  1. I truly recommend a week (or the whole summer) at Coble's, you will not be disappointed!  Lastly, with all of my traveling the past couple of years, I hope to be closer to home here soon.  I am looking forward to sharing everything I have learned with my Kentucky family.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions!  My email address is

    My personal bests are:
    Slalom:  .5 @ 38 off
    Trick:  2,780 points
    Jump:  74 feet

    My hobbies include playing volleyball, being with friends and family, driving the boat, reading, and, of course, skiing!

    My future plans include graduating from the University of Alabama with a Marine Science
    and Biology degree and the   
    attending a Physician Assistant program somewhere close to home.
  2. Elizabeth Fowler - W1

    Hello my name is Elizabeth Fowler.  I am a soon to be University of Alabama Alumni, a former Coble Water Ski Instructor, and a Team Kentucky skier at heart.  My time as a collegiate water skier has been second to none.  I highly recommend any youngsters looking to attend college to be a part of a collegiate water ski team.  I have made lifelong friends, traveled the country, and grown as a skier through my experience at the university of Alabama.  I have also been an instructor at Coble Water Ski and Wakeboard Camp for the past five summers.  Coble's is one of my favorite places in the world.  I have met amazing people, improved dramtically as a skier, and have been inspired by April, Chris and the whole Coble family. 
  1. wonderful ski family back in Kentucky.
    Because of the countless hours that you all have committed to me, I have been able to excel at skiing. My tournament bests include: .5@35 off in slalom, 1820 points in trick, and 72 feet in jump. I advise those who are younger than me to cherish your years as a Kentucky junior, because there is truly nothing else like it.
  2. Lauren Harris - W1
    Hello, my name is Lauren Harris, and I am a junior at Florida Southern College (Go Mocs!). Here, I study Biology with minors in Chemistry, Spanish, and Psychology and intend on applying to medical school in the near future. Skiing at the collegiate level has provided me with so many experiences that I would not trade for the world. Whether it be traveling all over the country for tournaments, early morning ski sets with some of my best friends, or a shoulder to cry on if I am upset, my team has always been there for me. That being said, I recommend collegiate skiing for every junior skier that has the opportunity. I would not be where I am today, though, if it were not for my 

  1. Ryan Harris - M1
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  1. Josh Kelley - M1
  1. Those two people are Carly Marquess and Tyler Collins. Over the years I have made some life long friends in the ski world. I look forward to making memories every summer even if the guys and I get a little too wild sometimes! The First time I was on the water was with my dad when I was only about a year and a half. He held me while he road a pair of Jump skis up the lake. The First time I strapped some skis on myself was at the age of 3 and started competing at 8. I won a couple overall state championships in my younger days, but ever since I took a ride over the Red Giant at the age of 9 I focused on jump. Since then I've won a couple regionals and also got my butt kicked a time or two by some of my out of state buddies. My farthest jump in a tournament is 171 feet at 33.6 mph. Like "Tyler" my goal is to hit the big 200 feet. In my free time I like to hunt, fish, shoot guns and just be a redneck. 

  2. Hunter McKune - M1
    Hola, I'm Hunter McKune. I am 20 years old and a sophomore at Eastern Kentucky University. I am pursuing a bachelors degree and majoring in Fire Arson Investigation. I joined the Army National Guard after high school and have been playing GI Joe ever since. From the time I was old enough to talk I have wanted to be like my two water ski Heros and Attend ULM for collegiate water skiing.
  1. Eminence KY, primarily with my dad but also with Leon Leonard and the Harris family. Getting involved in tournament skiing in Kentucky has truly changed my life and I don't think there is a state that all the skiers are as close as KY. The skiers here are nothing short of a second family and you can feel that every time that we are around each other at tournaments. 

    My personal best is 1.5@35 off and I placed 4th at the 2014 southern regionals at Lymanland in Tuscaloosa Al. 

    My email is

  2. Nick Roshelli - M1
    Hi, my name is Nick Roshelli and I am currently a junior at the University of Kentucky. I started skiing about 8 or 9 years ago and instantly fell in love with it. I spent 2 years skiing at the University of Cincinnati where we went to division 1 nationals both years. I ski at Stillwater lake in
  1. Jackson Hawes - M1