Kentucky Waterski Federation is an organization of water skiers and their families, dedicated to the growth and development of the 3-Event Discipline of water skiing in the state of Kentucky.
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Ski Clubs and Ski Sites

Cave Lake Event Park
Cave Lake Event Park is a private ski lake located between Burnside and Monticello, Kentucky, near the shores of Lake Cumberland.  The Lake is owned by Mr. Nick Cooley, a prominent businessman and entrepreneur in eastern Kentucky.  The site is the home to the former Lake Cumberland Skiers, who hosted the first Kentucky State Championships in 1982, and the Coors Light International Water Ski Tour stops in 1982 and 1983.  The Cave Lake site also is the home to the Wayne County Cross Country teams, making the site a true “event park.”  The lake is currently a slalom only site.  It has hosted several Class C slalom, grass roots, and collegiate tournaments in the past.

Contact:  David Keller –

Cruise’s Creek Lake & Ski Club
Cruise’s Creek Lake is a beautiful private site located in northern
Kentucky near the city of Walton.  Originally the water supply
reservoir for the city of Walton, it was privatized in the late ‘90’s
and converted to the well protected ski site that it is today.
Current owners are Tom Bolger and Shawn Murray.  The site
became 3-event ready in 2003, and held the Kentucky State
Championships for the first time on that site in the same year.  Cruise’s Creek has remained in the regular rotation for the state championships since that time.  Supported by an additional group of club skiers, this site looks well positioned to continue as one of our premiere private sites in the state.

Contact:  Tom Bolger -


Kentucky Lake Ski Nuts at Twin Oaks Lakes

Twin Oaks Lakes is a world class private ski site consisting of
two parallel lakes, located just south of Paducah, KY.  Superb
protection from the elements combined with excellent lake
design and lay-out make this one of the top ski sites in the
Southern Region.  The Kentucky Lake Ski Nuts originally moved
here in late 1980, with Joe Burkhead negotiating a lease from
the lake owner at that time.  The Burkheads were given the
opportunity to purchase the lake in 1986, did so, and immediately began work to expand and divide the one lake into two.  That work was completed in the mid-90’s.  Twin Oaks Lakes have been the site of numerous Southern Region Championships (starting in 1987), as well as the Collegiate National Championships in 2005, and several record capability competitions.

Contacts:   Joe Burkhead –
                     Bob Harris –

Patriot Lake

Patriot Lake is a new private water ski
facility located in Scottsville, Kentucky.
It is a beautiful man-made lake which is
lined with mature trees and has a “park
like” setting. Tournament water ski
necessities are being added to the lake,
and in the near future it will be ready to hold 3 event tournaments.  The lake is actually in the city, offering multiple restaurants and stores within a mile of the site. 

Contact:  Dr. Eric Kelley –

Rough River Watersports Club

Rough River Watersports Club's home is Rough
River Lake, located 60 miles southwest of
Louisville near Leitchfield off of the Western
Kentucky Parkway.  Rough River Lake is a
5,000 acre US Army Corp of Engineers public
lake.  There are two competitive slalom
courses on the lake.  These courses are a great place for skiers who are interested in learning more about competitive water skiing.  We have all levels of skiers, from just starting to get around the training buoys to competitive level skiers.  The public is welcome to watch, ask questions, or give it  try.  Please enter the area at idle speed.  We will be more than happy to explain course etiquette or help coach.  On any given weekend morning or evening you will find numerous skiers running the buoys!

Contact:   Ed Sorace -

Stillwater Lake & Ski Club

Stillwater Lake is located just north
of Shelbyville near the town of
Eminence (KY).  The site owners are
Leon  & Fran Leonard and Paul &
Rhonda Fister.  A beautiful and
well-protected site, it is a converted public water reservoir for the town of Eminence.  Size of the lake, with some early modifications, makes it ideal as a 3-event site.  The Stillwater Ski Club holds two to three tournaments per year, and is in the regular rotation for the Kentucky State Championships.  The excellent protection from wind, combined with ideal bank sloping and set-up areas, has resulted in outstanding slalom performances over the years.

Contact:  Leon Leonard –
Taylorsville Lake Ski Club
The Taylorsville Lake Ski Club is one of the few organized groups in the state to ski primarily on public water.  This has not hindered the growth of the group, as Taylorsville Lake SC is one of the largest groups of organized skiers in the state.  Taylorsville Lake is a state-owned public lake located just southeast of Taylorsville, and approximately midway between Louisville and Lexington.  The club maintains a slalom course on the lake, and encourages everyone to use the course.  In spite of not having private water for a practice site, Taylorsville Lake SC has cranked out some excellent tournament skiers over the past decade.

Contact:  Hartley Davidson –

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